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BIS Broleigh is a leading supplier of Gondola shelving in South Africa

Create effective, on-the-spot shop displays with our robust, top-quality gondola shelving solutions. BIS Broleigh are a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of attractive retail store gondola shelving for the Southern African market.

For stores wanting to display a large number of items in a limited space, retail gondola shelves are the ideal solution. Our flexible products enable stores to optimise space and maximise revenue.

Gondola shelving is innovative, durable and offers you practical display solutions. They are without-a-doubt among the best display systems for retail stores. They can accommodate both the retailers and customer’s needs

What is Gondola Shelving?

If your store has limited space and lots of items to sell, creating an effective retail display can be a challenging task. Gondola shelves are free-standing, double or single-sided display units that help maximise your retail space. They are popular display shelves that are ideal for outlets such as pharmacies, supermarkets, petrol stations, and retail shops. They are designed with your customer’s needs in mind.

Why do you need Gondola Shelving Systems in your Shop?

Gondola shelves are a durable and adjustable display solution that offers maximum flexibility. You can easily adjust the height and move them around your store to suit your merchandising needs.

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What is gondola shelving made from?

BIS Broleigh’s gondola shelves are carefully and expertly manufactured using mild steel. Our standard supermarket shelving is then powder-coated to give it a visually appealing look that will fit in with the décor of your store.

How does Gondola Shelving work?

Gondola shelving systems (also known as pegboard shelving), are floor mounted store equipment with cantilevered shelves. Because gondola shelves are easy to move and reconfigure according to your needs, they are the top choice for retail stores. The gondola shelf skeleton allows you to mount shelves and other display fixtures to the spine. They are fully adjustable which means you can enjoy maximum versatility

What are the different types of gondola?

The three typical types of gondola shelving used in convenience stores and supermarkets are:

  • Wall mounted (single sided) – these have sturdy pegboards with solid or slat wall backings
  • Free standing (double sided) – ideal for forming aisles or islands in your shop.
  • Gondola end caps – these are great way to highlight your products closest to the point-of-sale.

Benefits of Gondola Shelving

  • They optimise store space
  • They can be used with accessories
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Cost-effective
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Suited for a variety of stores
  • They can support heavy loads
  • Quick and easy to adjust and relocate

What is the best type of Gondola Shelving for my Shop?

Retail store owners and managers are familiar with constant changes that occur in their environment. Displays always need to be moved or updated weekly or monthly. If you’re planning on purchasing our gondola shelving, there are many things to consider such as the type of shelving, the design, storage space etc. The types of shelves you use in your store are crucial to the success of your sales. Here are some options you can choose from:

  • Wall mounted gondola units: these units draw the customer’s attention. They can also transform small sections of your store into valuable display areas.
  • Gondola ends – these are typically paired at the end of your gondola shelves or at the end of an aisle. If you want your brand to stand out or encourage impulse buys then these are the right option for you.
  • Slat wall shelving – these shopfitting displays have walls made out of slat panels. Slat wall brackets and shelves are ideal for those who constantly move or adjust their displays to suit the current needs of the shop.
  • Gondola shelving – these shelves are capable of holding almost any type of item whether they are small featured products or heavier bulk merchandise.
  • Wall end display shelves – if you need to utilise the perimeter of your store and give it a neat appearance, we suggest using wall end display units. They also free up floor space and improve the visibility of new products.

How can I Maximise my Store’s Efficiency with Gondola Shelving?

An advantage of gondola shelving is that they have extremely functional features. Here are a few handy tips on how you can maximise the efficiency of your store with our gondola shelves:

  • Use clip strips – these plastic or metal hooks can be placed at regular intervals thus allocating more space for your top-selling products.
  • Use pegboards – hooks and pegs help your customers find and reach out for the right products easily.
  • Use hanging bars – allow you to hang items of the same size together. This optimises space and allows for more sales.
  • Use grills – these are ideal for small items and they also provide space for your best selling products

Why choose BIS Broleigh for your Retail Gondola Shelving?

BIS Broleigh is a leading supplier of retail gondola shelving aimed specifically at the Southern African market. We have successfully completed projects in Zimbabwe and Zambia. We have many years of shopfitting experience and have a sound knowledge of the industry.

We look forward to being your number one gondola shelf supplier and promise to always complete our tasks efficiently, timeously and neatly. Get in touch with us today for innovative gondola shelving for your supermarket or retail store in South Africa.

Ready to Improve Your Retail Shelving?

Whether you’re updating your retail store or supermarket or designing a new one and need top-quality gondola shelves, reach out to the sales team at BIS Broleigh. We professionally manufacture and install gondola shelving solutions that create and enhance exceptional shopping experiences.

With over 50 years of knowledge and experience as shopfitting suppliers, we always deliver a sensationally finished product. Everything from design to installation, we handle it all so you don’t have to. Our team understands that each project is unique and they pride themselves on being flexible. All our gondola shelving units are locally manufactured by skilled and competent staff.

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