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BIS Broleigh are a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of high-quality, durable retail fruit and veg display stands. Our products are professionally manufactured and offer great alternatives to hanging items on racks. We offer versatile, attractive display stands that will immediately arouse interest in your products.

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Retail display equipment

Our retail display equipment for fruit and veg is contemporary and adaptable. They add style to your retail store and will fit in with your décor. Place your display tables close to your checkout counters to increase impulse sales. We have superbly crafted retail nesting tables and point-of-sale displays to match the requirements of your store. Fruit and veg stands add height and attract interest in your products.

We carry a range of eye-catching, versatile and trendy display equipment that maximise floor space keep and your products organised. Highlight your promotional products with our innovative island display units. Incorporate them into any area of your store to attract customer attention to your sale merchandise.

Shop display equipment

Complement your retail store with innovative fruit and veg display equipment solutions and premium quality shop fitting displays. BIS Broleigh offer clients visual merchandising products that increase the aesthetic appeal of your store. When it comes to display stands, we don’t compromise on quality. We pride ourselves on delivering a range of functional and tailored solutions to compliment your unique needs.

Fruit and Veg display stands South Africa

At BIS Broleigh, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards. We offer top-quality in-store solutions for the retail sector. Our products are designed to enhance shopper experiences, increase sales and boost profits. We have completed many display unit projects in Southern Africa for clients such as Spar, Food Lovers Market, Boxer and more.

Our display stands are professionally manufactured, assembled and installed by a qualified team. Our promise is to always deliver a sensationally finished product. Get in touch with us today for innovative retail display units for your store in South Africa.

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